A Professional Gardener in Indiana Reports an Interesting Experiment in Lucid Dreaming

Mr. Arthur McFadden, a longtime reader of the 1-Dream-Interpretation Review, and a valued participant in several of our surveys and experimental protocols, has sent us a long and very interesting report of a months-long experiment that he conducted last year in lucid dreaming.

Mr. McFadden is the owner and operator of a lawn care service in Bloomington Indiana (Lawn Care Services Bloomington). He has been a professional gardener all his life.

For the last 30 years he has also been a deeply committed dream voyager and experimenter, a man who is determined to come to some kind of meaningful understanding of the nature of dreams (he has been a loyal subscriber to the 1-Dream-Interpretation Review for more than 20 years).



So determined is Mr. McFadden to understand the nature of dreams that he has developed a rare capacity to reliably enter into the lucid dreaming state; for almost five years now he has been able to enter, more or less at will, into that state every night.

Last year he conducted an experiment to stabilize his lucid dreams. This was a matter of some importance to him because, he explains, even though he has been lucidly dreaming almost every night, before his experiment of last year he had never managed to stay lucid for very long; often the lucid part of his dream would last for only a few minutes.

But during the course of his experiment last year he developed a number of techniques to enable him to stay awake in his dreams for hours at a time.

The first thing you should do when you suddenly find yourself awake in a dream, he discovered from is experiment, is to stay as calm as you possibly can.

In the past, he said, whenever he woke up in a dream he would always get very excited and start running around and shouting to all the characters in the dream that he was dreaming.

But the characters in his dream never understood what he was talking about, and no matter how hard he yelled at them they couldn’t understand that they were nothing but characters in a dream, and he himself usually ended By waking up.

So stay calm, he says. Don’t get excited and don’t try to wake the other dream characters up.

He has eight other rules, he says, that he drew up after doing his experiment, and we are going to talk about those rules tomorrow in this space.

So be sure to read this blog tomorrow!